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 Taizhou Yeach Machinery Co., LTD. was established in 1999, which is a professional manufacturer for C. V. Joint and drive shaft, Company product range covers: American cars ,Japanese cars, German cars, European cars, Korean cars, cars, etc., covering 80% of the global market. with solid ability of R&D, design and producing. As to our producing ability, we supply 1 million C. V. Joints and 200 thousand drive shaft per year, including about 1800 different types which are suit for most automobile series in and out of the country.
In order to extend sales and follow the pace of global market development, Yeach keeps close eyes on the newly related technologies. On one side, we apply CAXA system to design three-D models, which can efficiently shorten R&D period and heighten product quality. On the other side, we persistently introduce various advanced equipments, which are used in each process stage from primary forging to final packing, to control the quality and delivery better.
Yeach takes person of talent seriously so as to mature our work team. We do not only provide various training for internal staff to get continuously progress, but also invite external people of talent to join us. Due to these activities, the team has become the motive force promoting enterprise’s speedy development.
"We let the customer trust" is the management policy of Yeach peaple, and adhere to corporate culture to promote enterprise's core competitiveness, in developing has always been to "bring global Chinese manufacturing auto consumers!" As the mission; Constantly introduce and cultivate a variety of high-tech talent, continue to improve the level of management and improve customer service; High-quality management team and hard-working staff, has become the motive force of the enterprise rapid development; Look forward to the future, we believe that enterprising, innovative yeach peaple will be turned into "the world's most competitive ball cage patterned constant speed universal joint and the drive shaft assembly manufacturing enterprise", bring the original chi career to a more brilliant tomorrow.

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